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adidas Futurecraft 4D Performance Review ,Is It The Future of Sneakers Design?


Adidas exactly know how to excite discriminating sneakerheads with its basketball shoes that combine the latest in innovation, technology and style.From the earliest 3D printing, Futurecraft Leather, automation factory SPEEDFACTORY, etc., it continues to revolutionize of the industry of shoes. Recently, adidas has made another breakthrough in the midsole process, and cooperated with Carbon 3D, a technology company based in Silicon Valley, they  bring Futurecraft 4D running shoes with Digital Light Synthesis technology.

We will check it today.

So what is the Futurecraft 4D?

The Futurecraft initiative kicked off in late 2015 with a 3D-printed midsole that showed the idea of tailoring a shoe to the specific needs of an individual’s foot. Since then, Futurecraft has ushered in several more concept-proving releases like the made-in-Germany Futurecraft M.F.G., and a collaborative sneaker made from recycled ocean plastic, in partnership with Parley for the Oceans.

As you can see from the video, the technology used in Futurecraft 4D is to accurately “pull” a three-dimensional structure directly from liquid resin, which not only shortens production time, but also greatly reduces material waste and allows designers to create ideas.


Weighing in at 11.8 oz, the Futurecraft 4D were definitely on the heavier side for a running shoe. This was a surprise, as they feel a lot lighter on your feet.


For the material :  it is a Primeknit upper  like reminiscent of the brand’s popular Ultra Boost sneakers.While Adidas are usually made shoes used this kind of material, the Primeknit method digitally knits the entire upper in just one piece. Knitting fused yarn allows us to fine-tune the exact amount of flexibility and support needed in every part of the shoe. It  lightweight comfort that wraps seamlessly around your foot, whilst fewer materials produce less waste.



We can see more  pictures as below , as the adidas team said “Futurecraft 4D demonstrates the potential of Digital Light Synthesis in unlocking a new era in sport performance design,” Ben Herath, vice president of design at Adidas Running. “One driven by athlete data and incomparable precision to provide the best for the athletes, enabling them to make a difference in their run.”

For the cushioning,

The best difference is the midsole compare with the  BOOST shoes like the Ultra Boost or Yeezy shoes and so on.The latticed midsole gives your gait a springy feeling, and after it’s been squeezed down it shifts back into normal shape. The springy feeling of the shoes translates to better energy returns to your feet, just like in the case Adidas UltraBoost shoes.The first thing you notice when you step into the Futurecraft 4D is how springy the shoes feel. This was no surprise, as the midsole lattice immediately pops back into shape after you squeeze it. Parts of the midsole were noticeably firmer than others, while other areas felt soft and flexible. That springy feeling translated to runs as well.


For the traction :

The traction actually nice ,It is soft and comfortable.After logging over 60 miles in the Futurecraft 4D, they seem no worse for the wear and I have little reason to doubt them on their claims.It is like the Boost feeling .


We can see the inside of this shoes , the foam near the heel part, that is comfortable.Heel and mid-foot strikers will really enjoy running in these shoes, but forefoot strikers will find things a bit tougher with the way the midsole cushioning is distributed.


For the supporting : The supporting actually not great….it is nothing special support for the heel part .The material is soft and the midsole also soft but is can not help  a lot .


Overall, Adidas has been on a tear lately and they have a winner on their hands with the Futurecraft 4D. This is footwear innovation unlike anything we’ve seen before, and thanks to their partnership with Carbon.If you have, do you think that the Adidas Futruecraft 4D is really the future for basketball sneakers? How do you think of this shoes ?

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adidas AlphaBounce Instinct Performance Review


Around the end of February this year, a group of adidas AlphaBOUNCE Instinct showed on the Internet, which impressed the upper surface with cool texture. When the shoes actually released, it was not only the full pattern of the upper. In the meantime, the midsole are also great.Bounce cushioning was used for the midsole and the upper was designed using adidas’ ARAMIS motion capture system with Forged Mesh to support where needed ,anyway, this type pf shoes just can be description   stable and flexible.

We will check it today .

For the box, it is simple ,just black box  with logo, and there is the info of the side of box too .


Material :

The adidas AlphaBOUNCE originally made its debut back in 2016. Since then, we’ve seen adidas release plenty of new renditions of the shoe. Starting from adidas AlphaBOUNCE Beyond, the adidas followed the design of last mode, so the AlphaBOUNCE Instinct not only for the running, also we can play it on the basketball court,and it also for daily life training, adidas AlphaBOUNCE Instinct continues this setting, FORGED Mesh exhibits strong support, with a thick lining for a comfortable wrap. Suitable for use in the upcoming autumn and winter seasons.The original AlphaBounce had a Forged Mesh upper. The AlphaBounce Instinct has a Forged Mesh upper.but it is different for this kind of material,the AlphaBounce Instinct is a stiffer Forged Mesh, much like what was used on the Dame 3, it is will be more stability and flexibility. So if  you tried the Dame shoe, you must know this feeling .





In terms of flexibility, in addition to the clear wavy lines on the upper, We can see the  specific area of the toe is interrupted. When we playing this shoes we can feel more flexibility, the upper is controlled to bend in the depressions, which also reduces the obstruction of excessive deformation of the upper.


For the supporting , I aways think the Adidas shoes just  not bad, but the Jordans shoes will be more great. so the supporting of this shoe just  so so.We can see the heel part actually can provide the protection.The pieces pull completely away from the upper and are attached to the midfoot shank, tying the lateral support into the sole for extra stability. So maybe for some light weight guys, maybe it enough for the supporting .For me , it has been not enough so far.



One thing that was added was pillows around the ankle bone; there is one on the lateral and one on the medial side. These can avaoid with any heel slip that might have been hurt.



This shoes used the Bounce cushioning again, but it different is the a thick grey midsole that features a generous helping of Bounce cushioning in the heel provides cushioning, it appears to have something going on under the arch — that’s the Adaptive Torsion System, designed to allow the foot to move naturally without losing any cushioning or traction. For those of you who love adidas but feel Boost is a little too crazy, Bounce should fit you fine. While a Continental rubber outsole offers outstanding durability and completes the shoe’s futuristic look.

The BOUNCE midsole is flexible while bending, this midsole also take a great action.And the forefoot can even be bent by nearly 180 degrees, but with the thickening of the midsole, the torsional force is also enhanced.



Traction: Speaking of traction, the dot traction of the original AlphaBounce has been replaced with a tree bark-like pattern that has some bladed edges for extra grip.While continental rubber makes an appearance again, proving adidas is serious about durability,

But the traction  with  s-shaped structure and the Torsion system, which enhances the flexibility of the bridge and meets the stability requirements,for me,it is a very interesting design  which creates the multi-functional performance of adidas .AlphaBOUNCE Instinct, which completes the running process of running or sports.



There is also a new lacing system that drops down the midsole on the middle of the shoe.

Overall:adidas AlphaBounce Instinct is nice , the upper is eye-catching and unique,also the protection of heel part also give us a surprise.With an all-around shoe for multiple activities, with cushioning good enough for running or basketball, a court-friendly traction pattern, though the supporting just normal.


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adidas NMD R1 Performance Review


The adidas NMD R1 is also known as the adidas NMD Runner. It is a low-top sneaker that features Primeknit, mesh, or neoprene above a Boost sole. After debuting in December 2015, several different versions of the sneaker have released.  but we think the first one NMD R1 will be the most classic runner or basketball shoes , so how about the performance review ? We will check it today.


The NMD, a new silhouette which uses two of adidas most popular technologies – Primeknit and Boost. The NMD is not really for running or basketball, but for traveling the streets on a daily basis.

The black upper with the blue logo also the red block cushioning  was shinny and bright.

For the material: The NMD may be the brands most coveted release, and the German sportswear supplier has not held back with exclusive colorways, various styles, and limited quantity drops. At first glance the sneaker has a Primeknit, sock-like upper and a Boost sole. But if you look closer, you’ll notice classic 80s-era adidas design elements like the colourblocked panels on the midsole. For me ,this material is more soft and flexibility ,and I play it many hours, I felt the NMD is more comfortable .The NMD, which doesn’t stand for anything in particular, is the blend of three old-school Adidas originals





We can see the part clearly .The cushoining system and the upper and the traction and so on .


The Adidas cushioning system was the best classic and it is the most midsole.The BOOST is essentially foam bubbles molded together to provide the ultimate in footwear comfort. From the Adidas website – Boost™’s energy-returning properties keep every step charged with an endless supply of light, fast energy.”  that is the boost of NMD, it is actually nice, we can felt more surprising of the NMD bring. We can felt more responsive and feedback  when running .


The pull tap of the heel part actually nice , we can easy to put the shoe  easily .


For the supporting

With science on its side, solid granular material known as TPU was blown up and reshaped into miniature energy capsules making up the silhouette’s unique styrofoam-esque midsole. But if you are play basketball, this supporting is not enough for you .I recommend you can bought the Jordans shoes.


For the traction :

The grip actually just so so.There are design elements from shoes in the ’80s that are just being adopted today, so it shows how cutting edge Adidas can be. And the rubber is soft ,that is great.


For the material: the material is durability of this material ,and the ventilation is amazing .It does a fantastic job without sacrificing comfort.The upper material seems a bit hard to clean and somewhat succeptible to dirt, so do your best to keep these puppies smudge free, especially in the lighter colorways. The laces are a bit coarse and maybe too long, but they easily break in after a few ties.

The brand with three-stripes has been impressed ,that is the adiadias logo.


Overall,This shoe was simply not designed for cutting, pivoting, and making short, sudden changes of direction.

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Whats the difference of between adidas Harden Vol.3 and Vol.2 and Vol.1?

Likely NBA MVP James Harden may not have had the ending to the season that he wanted. His Houston Rockets fell to Steph Curry, Kevin Durant, and rest of the the eventual NBA Champion Golden State Warriors in the Western Conference Finals, but at least the bearded wonder is winning on the sneaker end of the spectrum,so the Harden Vol.3 has been released as his new shoes for new season .

So there are many fans want to know the difference between  Harden Vol. 2 “MVP” colorway or   Vol. 1, we will check it today:


Adidas has made great achievements in sports performance in the past two years. No matter it is the breakthrough in the design of sneakers, the  new material, and the new midsole, it has brought the new surprise to  basketball fans. So the latest “set” adidas Harden signature shoes are followed the new concept , adidas Harden Vol.2 is the sneakers officially debuted in February 2018, as this The second pair of personal shoes of the topic star, everyone’s attention to it.Then the the newest Harden Vol.3 as the new shoes  for the new season , we waited until the beginning of this month, finally got the shoes.

For the material :

The adidas Harden Vol.2 with similar  Chukka classic boots. The pieces are wrapped around the heel and the lace system on both sides. With the midsole , there is a feeling like dressing shoes, adidas Harden Vol.2 is a heavy feeling at my  hand. It is quite solid and is not a lightweight shoe. Under the use of the full-length cushioning system,  the shoes will be more weight.

adidas Harden Vol.3 used the engineering mesh ,but the material  add the silver-like wire-like materials,it is different with the Harden Vol .2 , the shoes is look like add a clean TPU around the upper.

The inside  of Vol .3 used the heat welded material to protected forefoot . The outer tongue is still followed the Vol.1 and Vol.2 with the signature LOGO, the inner tongue is marked with the LUCKY words. The thumb of the toe increases the protection of the heat welded material, actually we ca felt more stiff.

adidas Harden Vol.1 was  the first signature shoe with  new design , so the  adidas Harden Vol.2  followed Harden Vol.1,also the material used the  FORGEFIBER  material , that is would be add the extra vision affection .

Harden Vol.3 gave the design of pull tab of side , it is look will be more simply for the Vol.3, but actually the leather of pull tab will be  increase the supporting  , I would like the Vol.2 more .

In addition, the heel collar is one of the interesting designs that Harden Vol.3. The adidas stretches the heel up and extends a barrier. I believe it is a special idea that was from James Harden’s signboard, just like the concept of the outsole covering the heel of  Vol.2


The biggest change in the design of Harden Vol.3 was the addition of an elastic material similar to the “elastic band” in forefoot, with a tribute to the predecessor TS Lightswitch Gil II Zero (Nick Young champion Game 1 real), and Vol.3 removed The large-area Boost outer TPU which used in the Vol.1 Vol.2. The Vol.3 adds a small-area TPU  in the part outer  of midsole. It has a design similar to the NMD series.



For the cushioning :

There was not used  thick boost like the Vol.2 , and I think it is possible that the density has changed in the boosting of the boost. I can not feel more  the responsive as Vol.2 .  I feel that the training is a bit hard, but the venue feels good ,because of  it has been not delayed when you start. The thickness of the Vol 3 will be more the same as Vol.1, and the Vol.2  is much thicker than the Vol.1 and Vol. 3.


For the traction :

Due to the design of the elastic inner boots,Vol.2 have been used the thickness midsole , and the  traction of rubber will be more thickness than Vol.1,Vol.3 .But I can not felt more friction or scratch problems in several practical experiences for the Vol.2.On the other hand, the adidas Harden Vol.2 forefoot used the fabric materials, coupled with the elastic webbing,  so I can felt quite smooth.

Harden Vol.3 changes the texture of the soles, and there is no use of the Vol.1 and Vol.2 . Because Vol 1.2.3 has played the plastic field, both Vol.1 and 2 will have a slip under the wet court, and Vol.3 will change the bottom line. so I can’t slip over this time . I played in the field for 4  days, but the texture of the sole was basically unchanged, the grip will be nice this version.



The handwritten signature on the forefoot strap, the side of the shoe should be the Roman numeral XIII representing the back number of the shirt, and the LUCKY in the tongue is the new highlight of this group of shoes. James Harden’s mother said that  LUCKY as the nickname of Harden when he was born.So Harden Vol.3 incorporates this element from the family, allowing James Harden to continue his goal with his mother’s love.



Then  here are some pictures of compare with the zk11 and Air Jordan 31. there are some different with different brand.

For the supporting , actually the Harden Vol.3 was great. Harden Vol.3 have a low-top silhouette with a high heel collar like Harden’s previous releases.The upper’s one-piece woven upper provides support, and a full-length Boost midsole offers comfort and cushioning,so all of the supporting is nice .

Overall, Harden Vol.3 is great, whtaever the performance or the design , I  like this design very much ,also the cushioning  and materail is great,  and the low -top with high heel collar design , that what my favorite shoes.

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adidas Crazy Explosive 2017 Primeknit Performance Review

adidas has become a fashion brand for young people with its superior technology and innovative design. The basketball promotion activities in July ,there are many  stars showed the : Derrick Rose, James Harden and Damian Lillard are promoting their shoes.The Andrew Wiggins with adidas Crazy Explosive released.

The third version of the John Wall,but because Wall no longer cooperate with adidas , the shoes did released last year, because the overall shape and design have reached the completion stage. So design director Jesse Rademacher decided to officially launch under the name of Crazy Explosive after adjusting the specifications this year.

In addition to Wiggins’ proprietary PE version, the design team also designed for the distinctive Lakers small forward Nick Young, and the adidas stars, including Harrison Barnes and Ibaka ( Serge Ibaka), Marcus Smart and Justise Winslow, etc., They will play with Crazy Explosive  in the new season.


Crazy Explosive  released by adidas .The design of the shoes is inspired by the Y3, which is quite different from the general shoes. In addition, the upper material used Primeknit woven structure, which makes the shoes both breathable and lightweight, and I feel very trendy on the styling.



The  whole pair of shoes–the cushioning part is equipped with a full-boost Boost cushioning system, and the lateral side is equipped with a  TPU anti-rollover structure, which can stabilize and support the forefoot, and transmit the force to the sole of the foot stably, and hand it to Boost. Showcases the signature performance of the feedback elasticity.


After receiving the shoes, you will see the BOOST on the side of the shoe box. If the BOOST cushioning system is the soul of Crazy Explosive, the image part must be the snow boots and the Primeknit weave. The shoelace design with only 4 pull tab is very stylish, as if the concept of rope binding is pulled by the thick ropes on both sides, it will make people doubt its stability, but in particular, Crazy Explosive is tied at the last one.



For the traction :

The sole is seen with a  “8”-shaped Torsion stabilizer for more stable power transmission, while the outsole is based on the principle of traction , introducing an innovative coral-like design that targets the forces from different directions when playing. Both can show excellent grip.

Crazy Explosive is not only equipped with full length booties to fit a variety of foot shapes, it is stabilized in the shoes, and the tongue part also uses the unique GEOFIT foam to improve comfort and support.

The tongue part uses the unique technology GEOFIT foam to improve comfort and support.

For material:

Primeknit weaving makes the shoes extremely lightweight. The whole pair of shoes has been tested for more than 400 grams. It is quite lightweight , but the weight is just basic. It is understood that the Crazy Explosive is a pair of basketball shoe, so the design focus is not only to be comfortable. The design team changed the suitable weaving and stitching materials on the upper for different parts. The appearance also showed different patterns, and it was dotted on the low-file black.

Crazy Explosive shoe box with huge BOOST lettering.

For cushioning:

The adidas Crazy Explosive 2017 Primeknit retains the same setup as last year’s Crazy Explosive — full-length Boost with a soft TPU cage on the lateral side of the shoe while the medial side exposes the Boost. Like its predecessor, the cushion is beast-mode.



The protection of these ankles is originally the advantage of high-shoes. I don’t think Crazy Explosive is more diverse in this performance. In addition to the sense of protection, it depends on the shoe upper and The foam design provides a lot of flexibility, testing each twist angle will not get stuck or rubbed to the foot, the outer TPU rollover structure help a lot.

For supporting :

Crazy Explosive does have the qualification to challenge this sentence. As the leader of the adidas new generation of shoes, the symbolic status is not only superior to other shoes such as BOOST, but more importantly, in the bold and innovative style, It also redefines the practical value of wrap and stability.the adidas Crazy Explosive 2017 Primeknit has a pretty broad base. Moreover, your foot sits inside of the TPU roll cage to offer the lateral support we loved so much in the Crazy Explosive last year.


Overall,The adidas Crazy Explosive 2017 Primeknit is a great shoe! I love this thing like crazy and it is by far my favorite hoop shoe of 2017 so far. It’s number one in my rotation and I’m pretty sure it will be in many of yours as well.

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adidas Explosive Bounce 2018 Performance Review

For those with tighter budgets and a love for Bounce cushioning, the adidas Crazy Explosive Bounce may be the perfect fit. it is not continued followed  the Crazy Explosive 2017 Primeknit, but what is the upgrade and improved for the adidas Explosive Bounce 2018 ?

We will Check it today .

Promising to be the company’s most efficient Bounce franchise, the Explosive Bounce 2018’s release has been met with eager excitement from the brand’s strong fan base.



Explosive Bounce 2018 ‘s box  is normal , it is just  like the box of Ross 9 . The same is true for the dustproof paper after opening the shoe box.

Material :

In the toe and the outside, there is a little heat welded fuse, which meets the design requirements of most of the actual basketball shoes, and also prevents the damage of the upper.


The Adidas Bounce tech is one of the brand’s most prominent. Designed to give you unrivaled rebound,Adidas Bounce makes a great feature not only for athletic use, but for everyday comfort. So there’s no wondering why the Explosive Bounce 2018 is so highly anticipated. Create separation from defenders and explode to the hoop in these basketball shoes built with enhanced ankle support and lateral stability.


I think the design of the Velcro can adjust range of a pair of shoes, and then the position of the Velcro which under the ankle,thart is different from the shoes  of Irving 2 ,  it is just lockdown the heel part through front of shoes .I think it is good. Sometimes it can prevent loose shoelaces.


The mid-cut collar and uppers are said to offer maximum lockdown in combination with the shoe’s midfoot strap. This secures the foot inside the shoe, preventing lateral movement, and optimizing weight distribution to maximize the benefits of the Bounce tech. I really can’t say for sure whether the seemingly bulky and reinforced design will translate too well when it comes to comfort.


For the traction :

There is an ADIWEAR on the inside of Bounce, and it is the  same as Ross 9. ADIWEAR is a highly wear-resistant rubber that was customized for outfield . It still has a certain effect on wear resistance, just like the material of  NIKE’s XDR.I’m not sure what to call this pattern, maybe amoebas gone wild? Whatever its name, it works great, much better than the Lillard 2 especially on dusty floors.

The soles on the Explosive Bounce 2018 are also specially designed to improve responsiveness. With treads that resemble fingerprints, the outsoles work to spread out weight upon impact and save up momentum to give, well, explosive bounce on toe off. Around the sides, you’ll see the soles rising up to wrap around the lower border of the uppers. This further improves stability, helping reduce lateral slipping, and guiding your feet inside the shoe to avoid inversion and eversion injuries.

Bounce’s  used can make the shoes more space  ,  it  bring more surprises to us . but I don’t understand why Adidas  Crazy Light used the Boost tech ,  Explosive doesn’t used it , and then what Pro Bounce series to make. To be honest, I really don’t understand Adidas.



For the weight , this shoe just only 395 g, it is lightweight .

Overall, adidas Explosive Bounce 2018 have an excellent traction and cushioning, great fit, good overall support, stability, as the midsole breaks down more, expect even less midfoot support.

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adidas D Rose 9 Performance Review


Although there are without  special shoe boxes  than the other brands , the Adidas still released  ninth generation of signature shoes–D Rose 9for Derrick Rose. Even if this model of shoes without the Boost cushioning midsole , but this one still as the Rose shoes,so more  people will have more expectations for its performance!


For the traction :

The rubber material of the Rose 9 outsole uses ADIWEAR, which emphasizes wear resistance.The D Rose 9 outsole is a multi-directional line stripe with a change in the grain direction and style of the front and back foot areas (pink block). The material of the outsole is not sticky , but it has the ability to “bite” the floor unexpectedly. It has an excellent ability to be impatient, and it can be steadily and instantly caught after several tests. However,  the grip of for the lateral (left and right) grip just not as good as before and after.

We can see the words of ADIWEAR,

This is  a special rubber material with strong abrasion resistance of the Adidas .this kind of rubber used to in tennis and jogging shoes. So the traction of  D Rose 9 can really be described as “stunning”. Many shoe lovers have asked me about the effects of other brands of wear-resistant rubber, I have just nothing can recommend .But  wear resistance  of ADIWEAR is indeed a substantial increase compared to the average basketball shoes. After about three or four  time tests , whatever the outdoors and indoors court,I found the shoes is durability ,it without any trace of damage.

However,we need to pay special attention to the influence of dust on the outsole. Although the outer layer of D Rose 9 is very wear-resistant, as long as the material is too sticky, the overall grip will drop very much.



For the cushioning :

D Rose 9 canceled the Boost midsole from the 5th version ,the Arose 9  used the Bounce midsole of the full foot. Bounce has had a good evaluation performance since its inception, but D Rose 9’s Bounce feels slightly harder. Compared with the same brand of Dame 4, it lacks Bounce’s feedback , especially in the forefoot area. Obviously, due to the thinner relationship between the midsole, the overall combat feeling is closer to the previous EVA or adiprene.

Bounce is an excellent midsole foaming material, but the biggest problem is the “thickness”. If it is too thin, it will lack the cushioning ability. If it is too thick, it will lose the feeling of sticking to the ground. I think  D Rose 9  will be more thinner, in addition to its inherent advantages of not too soft material, and D Rose 9 has a brilliant performance in the start-up response.


The D Rose 9 version is a little wide and long. There is a lot of extra space. In addition, the outer design from the front upper to the top of the tongue is larger (slanted), and the inner side has almost without filling, so that the tongue can not fit the instep closely.

We recommended that you can choose the small a half size .For me, the  small half size of the this shoe  is just fit my feet, and there is still a space in  front of the toe; The wide-shoes are recommended to try on from the small half; the narrow-footed shoe friends, because the extra space problem is difficult to solve, it is recommended to skip the shoes directly.

A BOOST-equipped sneaker will cushion your foot with each pound of the pavement, before it springs back and returns the stored energy into your forward momentum. Although it might sound like a bit of cheat, it’s really just the result of some very clever thinking.


The traction pattern is great .The rubber material of the Rose 9 outsole uses ADIWEAR, which emphasizes wear resistance. In this test, I tested it in outdoor court. Except for some dust, there is almost no wear and tear, I felt great for the grip . With the combination of price and comprehensive technology.

Overall,adidas D Rose 9 is nice shoe. In terms of functionality, the Bounce cushioning effect of the same thickness  as Boost, but the Boost will be more great, the material is nice  and all over the function is nice .

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Saucony Triumph ISO 2 Performance Review

The Saucony brand has been released for more than 100 years.The Triumph is Saucony’s premium level neutral everyday running shoe. The Saucony Triumph features copious amounts of comfortable cushioning along with an excellent fit and plush upper. This is a great shoe for larger framed runners.

We will check the performance of this shoe today.


For the box , it is nothing special ,it is normal .The black box with logo.

For the shoes , I bought the blue one , it look more cool.A highly cushioned daily trainer with a springy underfoot design, the Saucony Triumph ISO 2 is well suited for road runners of all levels seeking a high level of energy return.

This new upper fits like a glove. The upper has a bit of stretch so it will still feel comfortable even as your foot swells towards the end of a run.



For the traction : The Saucony Triumph ISO 2 features an XT-900 outsole. The outsole is also composed of iBR+ rubber. This kind of traction will be better than before ,the Triumph ISO has a new zig- zag tread pattern that provides excellent traction for us.  we can felt more
gripping ability of the outsole.The shoe can handle a variety of running surfaces and provides good traction in rainy weather or dry conditions.That is amazing for the runner. Because of  the  runner always want to change ,so the shoes is really important for them. The shoe can easily handle rainy day runs. Even with such great

The interior of the shoe features a High Elasticity Sockliner. In addition, the shoe features a RUNDRY heel collar which does a good
job at wicking moisture away from the foot.


This new upper fits like a glove. The upper has a bit of stretch so it will still feel comfortable even as your foot swells towards the end of a run.


For the material :

The upper of the Saucony Triumph ISO 2 has a dramatically better ft than the previous version of the shoe. For those who have a unique foot shape, the upper should be able to conform to your unique anatomy.In order to create a seamless wrap, the Triumph ISO 2 offers an updated ISOFIT upper with an even softer mesh. The new material is built to help reduce hot spots while still maintaining fantastic midfoot lockdown.


The most popular material — EVERUN is amazing.Compared with the internal cushioning structure of ordinary running shoes, EVERUN makes the foot and the midsole directly add a transition layer, and the EVERUN can provide the rebound  and  responsive.



EVERUN look like the Adidas Boost , the responsive and feedback is really nice .EVERUN’s thickness is a little thicker than the a coin.

The Saucony Triumph ISO 2 has a fairly thick midsole. In this new version of the shoe,
EVERUN technology has been utilized to provide more responsive cushioning and better
impact protection. The new material also helps to ensure a more natural movement of the
foot. The cushion continues to provide energy-return even at the end of a run and after
months of training.

Here are more the details as below :



For the ventilation :

Triumph ISO 2’s upper is made of mesh fabric, It is lightweight and thin, so the ventilation is this shoes is  nice for summer.


We can see more  details as below : 


Triumph ISO 2 uses  one piece upper design that provides a very good wrapping experience and a very comfortable tongue thickness, even if the laces are fastened to the soles of the feet. The most important thing is that you don’t have to worry about the deviation of the tongue during running.

The mesh fabric on both sides for comfort while ensuring breathability.


For the supporting :

The lSOFIT upper also works to support the wearer. The  fit  of the shoe can easily be adjusted by using the lacing system. The flexible upper material allows for an adjustable .Reviewers found lttle to comment on with regards to the shoe’s arch support. lt’s unobtrusive and we wouldn’t suggest this shoe for high-arched runners.



lSOFIT upper  is more help for the supporting. The material is more flexible  when we running.




The support frame technology of the heel of the shoe is a soft TPU support bar, which is quite satisfactory. The built-in also has a hard embedded TPU, double-layer support.


You must forgot the RUN DRY material,The shoe is flexible enough that it can move along with the wearer’s foot. Reviewers found that the shoe allowed for natural flexion of the foot. lt rides like a minimalistic shoe yet doesn’t sacrifice the ample midsole cushion.


The insole also nice ,the Saucony Triumph ISO 2 has a durable XT-9O0 outsole that ensures the sole holds up the shoe is used in training. The durable outsole can easily handle many different running
surfaces. The updated zig- zag tread pattern provides better grip than in the previous one .



Saucony tidied up the Triumph silhouette by shaving off about two millimeters of midsole and removing some extra rubber from the outsole. While this didn’t lighten up the shoe, it did help create an overall lower profile from the 3rd generation.



The change of the midsole brings about the redesign of the outer bottom texture. The large herringbone pattern is matched with the XT-900 wear-resistant rubber. The grip performance is stable and the wear resistance is not visible at present. In the terminology of basketball shoes, : The court feeling  is not bad.



Overall ,Saucony Triumph ISO 2 with the  IBR+ technology in outsole provides extra cushion,durable XT- 900 technology in outsole provides great traction, and TRl-FLEX tread pattern provides better traction ,also with ISOFIT allows for snug and secure fit,EVERUN cushion provides excellent energy return,Full-length EVA cushion . The nice Breathable mesh upper with High Elasticity Sockline, all os these make up this shoe, it is amazing.

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adidas Rose 8 Performance Review

Derrick Rose ,he led the Memphis Tigers to the most wins in NCAA history (a 38–2 record), their first number one ranking in 25 years, and an appearance in the NCAA championship game. he is amazing.Is it his shoes  help  a lot ?

We will check it today .

Adidas D Rose with black, gold and white colorway. A departure from some of the more elaborate designs from earlier in the line, the D Rose 8 is a fairly simple high-top constructed with mesh and synthetic materials.

For material :

D Rose 8 is a fairly simple high-top constructed with mesh and synthetic materials, while retaining a Boost cushioning setup

D rose with a solid TPU fixing piece with a heel. Because I am used to wearing high-top shoes, there is no discomfort after the upper foot. Instead, I feel the full coverage of the ankle.

My feet step on the other’s footboard when I changed direction once game. The ankle was pulled straight when it was close to the twist, so I can keep going on but no any heart.That is amazing , so the protection of D rose 8 is nice .


It is worth mentioning that the D Rose 8 shoe is not used  a popular sock-style design in recent years, but it designed by feet and ankle , that is for  providing a great protection. This design allows the sides of the shoe to tightly clamp the ankle.  there is a phenomenon of slipping before and after, and this part is my feelings .

I tried  to move left and right, I quite appreciate the anti-rollover system that firmly grasps the forefoot to avoids overturning. This part of the film from the bottom grip shows that even the upper is not deformed.

For the traction :The traction is amazing .Grip is the most important  for me. Not only in the indoor clean court, but also on the outside, the gear-shaped engraving of the sole can effectively and conveniently eat the ground.But I found the traction will be more worn out quickly.

There a gold Adidas logo in the bottom.


For the cushioning : Boost is used on the D Rose 8 and it’s the same exact Boost slab we saw used on the Crazy Light 2016,but  i want to say the D Rose 8’s Boost is harder and more resilient than the Crazy Explosive series,but there is something about the Crazy Light 2016’s midsole that just feels like its the perfect blend of both.It’s top tier cushion in terms of impact protection and it doesn’t sacrifice stability or much court feel.



For the lace system ,D Rose 8 uses a high-density, thinner shoelace, which is also a pretty good configuration. First, the narrower the shoe tube will cause the back-sliding phenomenon to improve, and the tongue is a comfortable GEOFIT  foam material ,then the thinner laces can be wrapped tightly on top.




The D Rose 8 shoelace (middle) is thinner than the Adidas series  of shoes, with Dame 4 ( left)  and Crazy Explosive 2017 on the flat side.

We can see clearly that then the thinner laces can be wrapped tightly on top of GEOFIT  foam material.


For the Responsive : In order to achieve the highest degree of protection, the flexibility is lower than the pure low shoes . Of course, D Rose 8  will be less for the flexibility part. I believe the design team has found this situation, so they use the outsole to make appropriate improvements.


First of all, the sole is made of hard rubber material and matched with Boost’s original performance. After testing, it is found that as long as the energy of the whole shoe can be transmitted to the sole of the foot, the flexibility will be further improved, such as jumping or playing. When we striding forward, we can felt more feedback from the sole .

For the ventilation :

Although D rose  8 has been not more better than the Primeknit upper, the design team cleverly designed many “claw marks” on the inner layer of the pressurized mesh. This configuration does not affect the covering force and increases the breathability of the whole shoe. After more than 2 hours of testing, there is no sultry condition in the shoes. I believe the main reason is to benefit from the numerous breathable designs.


D Rose 8 followed the highest protection design principle, and it uses the pressurized mesh cloth and the full length Boost to maintain a very high technical performance. In addition, the design of the sole carving has won my heart, no matter if you are an ankle. Whatever you are a seriously injured player, or a “heavyweight” player who is worried about injury and pursuit of protection like me, that is a recommended shoes for you, I believe it will not let you down.

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Whats The Difference Between adidas And Reebok Pump ✘ Supreme ?

Reebok’s Pump technology was one of the most sought after advancements in sneaker design throughout the 80s and redefined customizable cushioning systems in basketball models. It was such a significant change of pace that other brands tried to copy the tech,but after cooperated with Pump  and used  Puma technology to their running category later down the road with such classics as the Reebok Instapump Fury holding down the 90s. That is different and now it has been popularity.  it is  would become a lifestyle staple decades later.

However  the adidas ultra boost  have been always as a popurity in the sneaker world, because of the adidas tech and cushioning system always been an model all of brands. For the ultra boost ,there’s been 2.0 variants, 3.0s and back again to give you ample opportunity to cop what could be the cleanest colorway in your sneaker rotation and now you have one more to potentially add to your list with this updated Ultra Boost Uncaged.

We will check the difference between these shoes.


For the boxes , adidas Ultra Boost Uncaged  is simply, but this one  is for the CNY  , so the box will be more special.


Reebok Pump ‘s box , it is more simply.

For the adidas Ultra Boost  ,it is features that signature white on white Primeknit woven upper, but this time the ankle collar gets a little rise for a more mid-top feel. It isn’t quite the construction we saw on Ronnie Fieg’s Aspen Collaboration.

We first saw this new model previewed with the Vetements Reebok Pump Supreme Engine.While the fashion brand definitely brought some notoriety to the design with their tongue-in-cheek Left and Right labels on each pair, today we get detailed shots of the modernized take on Pump.

For the material :

Ultra Boost Uncaged used the Primeknit stretch mesh, and closed stretch mesh, which more comfortable.  the Primeknit upper construction and a high volume Boost midsole. But throwing around the ‘greatest’ hyperbole isn’t exactly the smartest move; there is no running shoe in the world which is a universal fit for all.

The sock design  can help more  lockdown of the shoes.Also with the beautiful color of lace system.The white heel cage also dons contrasting metallic silver Ultra Boost branding while that Continental rubber outsole unit returns in a matching off-white.


But for the Reebok Pump , It is used the engineered mesh upper is retained as well as the medial Pump releases, and the shoe sits atop a tonal threaded rubber sole.The material will be more stiff than the adidas ultra boost .

Reebok is able to use a considerable amount of foam underneath the foot without bogging you down. In doing so, it made the heel relatively tall,it’s about average thickness for a running shoe in general, but far thicker than what you’d typically find in a racer,and the drop from heel to forefoot is quite high, which can give you a sense of speed and propulsion。

The Reebok Pump just have been not the lace system , but the zig-zag air bladder wraps around the midfoot to the heel, so you can not adjust the lace system randomly.

For the traction :

Reebok Pump used Pump technology to their running category later down the road with such classics as the Reebok Instapump Fury holding down the 90s , the rubber traction will be stiff more the boost cushioning .

The pump technology is lighter, more flexible, and more impact-resistant than other plastics, and when it’s blown into a foam, those properties remain, meaning the material compresses more and rebounds with more force than typical midsole foams.

For the adidas boost,the white heel cage also dons contrasting metallic silver Ultra Boost branding while that Continental rubber outsole unit returns in a matching off-white. Plastic midfoot cage and heel, and a prodigious chunk of exposed midsole hewn out of bouncy Boost foam. Even the plastic ‘Torsion’ shank dams up on the Ultra Boost’s medial heel the same way the EB-2 does.

There are exposed areas on the outsole and strobel, so the Boost foam glows like a Christmas paper lamp under bright lights.


Midfoot cage attaches to the molded heel clip with an inwards flare. This plastic counter also cups under the heel edges. Leaving the Achilles area free was smart design thinking.

Around the top edge of the midsole, giving you a little extra structure and keeping your foot comfortable

Unique ventilated perforations can be found throughout and a minimalist Pump upper complete with a zig-zagging pocket to hold the cushioned dose of air is sure to turn heads.

Also the Pump logo as the heel part.

Overall,  The Reebok Pump’s  foam cushions your stride, and the flexibility of the forefoot. All this is taken into account in our reviews of each shoe.But the ultra boost also have a nice pweformance , but for me , I like the Adidas boost well. I like boost ‘s  an upper fit which feels snug yet comfortable, and transition quality which feels great for a shoe this cushioned.