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adidas Futurecraft 4D Performance Review ,Is It The Future of Sneakers Design?


Adidas exactly know how to excite discriminating sneakerheads with its basketball shoes that combine the latest in innovation, technology and style.From the earliest 3D printing, Futurecraft Leather, automation factory SPEEDFACTORY, etc., it continues to revolutionize of the industry of shoes. Recently, adidas has made another breakthrough in the midsole process, and cooperated with Carbon 3D, a technology company based in Silicon Valley, they  bring Futurecraft 4D running shoes with Digital Light Synthesis technology.

We will check it today.

So what is the Futurecraft 4D?

The Futurecraft initiative kicked off in late 2015 with a 3D-printed midsole that showed the idea of tailoring a shoe to the specific needs of an individual’s foot. Since then, Futurecraft has ushered in several more concept-proving releases like the made-in-Germany Futurecraft M.F.G., and a collaborative sneaker made from recycled ocean plastic, in partnership with Parley for the Oceans.

As you can see from the video, the technology used in Futurecraft 4D is to accurately “pull” a three-dimensional structure directly from liquid resin, which not only shortens production time, but also greatly reduces material waste and allows designers to create ideas.


Weighing in at 11.8 oz, the Futurecraft 4D were definitely on the heavier side for a running shoe. This was a surprise, as they feel a lot lighter on your feet.


For the material :  it is a Primeknit upper  like reminiscent of the brand’s popular Ultra Boost sneakers.While Adidas are usually made shoes used this kind of material, the Primeknit method digitally knits the entire upper in just one piece. Knitting fused yarn allows us to fine-tune the exact amount of flexibility and support needed in every part of the shoe. It  lightweight comfort that wraps seamlessly around your foot, whilst fewer materials produce less waste.



We can see more  pictures as below , as the adidas team said “Futurecraft 4D demonstrates the potential of Digital Light Synthesis in unlocking a new era in sport performance design,” Ben Herath, vice president of design at Adidas Running. “One driven by athlete data and incomparable precision to provide the best for the athletes, enabling them to make a difference in their run.”

For the cushioning,

The best difference is the midsole compare with the  BOOST shoes like the Ultra Boost or Yeezy shoes and so on.The latticed midsole gives your gait a springy feeling, and after it’s been squeezed down it shifts back into normal shape. The springy feeling of the shoes translates to better energy returns to your feet, just like in the case Adidas UltraBoost shoes.The first thing you notice when you step into the Futurecraft 4D is how springy the shoes feel. This was no surprise, as the midsole lattice immediately pops back into shape after you squeeze it. Parts of the midsole were noticeably firmer than others, while other areas felt soft and flexible. That springy feeling translated to runs as well.


For the traction :

The traction actually nice ,It is soft and comfortable.After logging over 60 miles in the Futurecraft 4D, they seem no worse for the wear and I have little reason to doubt them on their claims.It is like the Boost feeling .


We can see the inside of this shoes , the foam near the heel part, that is comfortable.Heel and mid-foot strikers will really enjoy running in these shoes, but forefoot strikers will find things a bit tougher with the way the midsole cushioning is distributed.


For the supporting : The supporting actually not great….it is nothing special support for the heel part .The material is soft and the midsole also soft but is can not help  a lot .


Overall, Adidas has been on a tear lately and they have a winner on their hands with the Futurecraft 4D. This is footwear innovation unlike anything we’ve seen before, and thanks to their partnership with Carbon.If you have, do you think that the Adidas Futruecraft 4D is really the future for basketball sneakers? How do you think of this shoes ?

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Whats The Difference Between adidas And Reebok Pump ✘ Supreme ?

Reebok’s Pump technology was one of the most sought after advancements in sneaker design throughout the 80s and redefined customizable cushioning systems in basketball models. It was such a significant change of pace that other brands tried to copy the tech,but after cooperated with Pump  and used  Puma technology to their running category later down the road with such classics as the Reebok Instapump Fury holding down the 90s. That is different and now it has been popularity.  it is  would become a lifestyle staple decades later.

However  the adidas ultra boost  have been always as a popurity in the sneaker world, because of the adidas tech and cushioning system always been an model all of brands. For the ultra boost ,there’s been 2.0 variants, 3.0s and back again to give you ample opportunity to cop what could be the cleanest colorway in your sneaker rotation and now you have one more to potentially add to your list with this updated Ultra Boost Uncaged.

We will check the difference between these shoes.


For the boxes , adidas Ultra Boost Uncaged  is simply, but this one  is for the CNY  , so the box will be more special.


Reebok Pump ‘s box , it is more simply.

For the adidas Ultra Boost  ,it is features that signature white on white Primeknit woven upper, but this time the ankle collar gets a little rise for a more mid-top feel. It isn’t quite the construction we saw on Ronnie Fieg’s Aspen Collaboration.

We first saw this new model previewed with the Vetements Reebok Pump Supreme Engine.While the fashion brand definitely brought some notoriety to the design with their tongue-in-cheek Left and Right labels on each pair, today we get detailed shots of the modernized take on Pump.

For the material :

Ultra Boost Uncaged used the Primeknit stretch mesh, and closed stretch mesh, which more comfortable.  the Primeknit upper construction and a high volume Boost midsole. But throwing around the ‘greatest’ hyperbole isn’t exactly the smartest move; there is no running shoe in the world which is a universal fit for all.

The sock design  can help more  lockdown of the shoes.Also with the beautiful color of lace system.The white heel cage also dons contrasting metallic silver Ultra Boost branding while that Continental rubber outsole unit returns in a matching off-white.


But for the Reebok Pump , It is used the engineered mesh upper is retained as well as the medial Pump releases, and the shoe sits atop a tonal threaded rubber sole.The material will be more stiff than the adidas ultra boost .

Reebok is able to use a considerable amount of foam underneath the foot without bogging you down. In doing so, it made the heel relatively tall,it’s about average thickness for a running shoe in general, but far thicker than what you’d typically find in a racer,and the drop from heel to forefoot is quite high, which can give you a sense of speed and propulsion。

The Reebok Pump just have been not the lace system , but the zig-zag air bladder wraps around the midfoot to the heel, so you can not adjust the lace system randomly.

For the traction :

Reebok Pump used Pump technology to their running category later down the road with such classics as the Reebok Instapump Fury holding down the 90s , the rubber traction will be stiff more the boost cushioning .

The pump technology is lighter, more flexible, and more impact-resistant than other plastics, and when it’s blown into a foam, those properties remain, meaning the material compresses more and rebounds with more force than typical midsole foams.

For the adidas boost,the white heel cage also dons contrasting metallic silver Ultra Boost branding while that Continental rubber outsole unit returns in a matching off-white. Plastic midfoot cage and heel, and a prodigious chunk of exposed midsole hewn out of bouncy Boost foam. Even the plastic ‘Torsion’ shank dams up on the Ultra Boost’s medial heel the same way the EB-2 does.

There are exposed areas on the outsole and strobel, so the Boost foam glows like a Christmas paper lamp under bright lights.


Midfoot cage attaches to the molded heel clip with an inwards flare. This plastic counter also cups under the heel edges. Leaving the Achilles area free was smart design thinking.

Around the top edge of the midsole, giving you a little extra structure and keeping your foot comfortable

Unique ventilated perforations can be found throughout and a minimalist Pump upper complete with a zig-zagging pocket to hold the cushioned dose of air is sure to turn heads.

Also the Pump logo as the heel part.

Overall,  The Reebok Pump’s  foam cushions your stride, and the flexibility of the forefoot. All this is taken into account in our reviews of each shoe.But the ultra boost also have a nice pweformance , but for me , I like the Adidas boost well. I like boost ‘s  an upper fit which feels snug yet comfortable, and transition quality which feels great for a shoe this cushioned.


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adidas Crazy BYW X Performance Review

Three Stripes is debuting a version of the Crazy BYW X designed by artist Daniel Arsham. We talked the black one before , so we will check this one today .

For the box , it is the black simple box . nothing special.


This colorway sports a white Primeknit upper with a sock-like collar, sail overlay on the lateral side, and suede hits on the tongue. The shoe is accented with bright red hits on the tongue, toe, and outsole.

The lifestyle-friendly basketball model sits atop a podular Boost midsole inspired by Adidas’ Feet You Wear technology from the mid-’90s. You may have noticed that the Boost You Wear midsole, which is decoupled at the midfoot in the casual wear BYW, is held together by a thick shank plate in the Crazy BYW X.

For the supporting : the heel parts  features black uncaged Boost, the forefoot is caged in a TPU coating for better response and containment.That is the most changing this time .But most of the supporting is from material.You’re on a low-profile platform built to be anatomically correct and designed to really hug and hold onto your foot.

For the material :  the upper upgrades, the Crazy BYW X features a huge side panel overlaid atop the knit that should offer much more support than what is used on the off-court build. The collar also appears to be a compression knit for improved ventilation and fit over the Crazy BYW.


For the cushioning :

Boost is the best midsole of the world ,also it is the most important technology of the adidas.Crazy BYW is softer than all the shoes that are also equipped with Boost. It is better than UltraBoost, NMD, PureBoost and other running shoes, casual shoes, not to mention other Boost basketball shoes that are tied by “caged”.

The heel is really bouncy and at first and it was a bit of a distraction compared to the firmer forefoot. I felt like I was being propelled with a small spring under my heel until I got used to the setup.


For the traction  : The traction has been upgraded to multi-directional herringbone at the forefoot and just like the  Kobe 9-like pattern at the heel.Also it is  used the translucent  traction pattern , as we know , it is not easy to keep clean .It will attract more dust.So please just used the shoes indoor clean court , that is will be better .However, each time I wore the shoe after that initial day I became less and less impressed ,the grip is nice ,I was on a fast break and needed to slow down a bit so I could gather and lay the ball in, my stride was already beginning to lead into the toe so I was able to continue the play and lay the ball in, but if you are in the dusty court , it will be easy to slip.Thus, outdoor use is definitely not recommended.


Overall : actually the white one is more cool if you dont like the black one.The translucent traction with Adidas logo.also the cushion is great. though the lace system is not great , it is not easy too keep the shoes lockdown. The size is true .


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adidas Crazy BYW LVL 1 Performance Review

The Crazy BYW LVL 1, this new design is the reimagined version of a 90’s basketball classic, souped up with BOOST tooling from today’s footwear innovations.Instantly famous for its bold, wavy midsole design, the over-the-top Crazy 8 was one of the most sensational trainers the game of basketball had ever seen. It was ’97, and this flashy mid top ruled the hardwood.

But how about the performance review?


The Feet You Wear concept was designed with a wider base in order to protect a hooper’s ankle from rolling.




The Crazy BYW LVL1 outsole is designed with a  fishbone pattern resembling a lightning , with the concentric ring. Although the main fishbone line look  just so so ,some one guess that the grip is not great .However this kind of pattern is nice . Even if it suddenly stops and suddenly changes direction, the traction will not slide, but if you need to turn, etc., the large area inside the forefoot will be slightly slipped by the concentric circular ring pattern.

Because Crazy BYW have been not  added to the midsole TPU before, just the Boost ,although the outsole is not affected by dust, considering the durability of Boost , it is not recommended to wear in outdoor.


Cushioning :

Crazy BYW adopts most of the Boost without other rubber, TPU and other materials on the outside of Boost,so the  thickness of Boost is also sufficient and enough. Under such circumstances, we can felt more the boost feeling on feet.

Boost technology is the most popularity in the basketball shoes and running shoes.It is one of the top midsole materials in all of today’s brands. Crazy BYW is softer than UltraBoost, NMD, PureBoost and other running shoes and casual shoes compare with all of shoes  with Boost,so we can felt a lot about the boost.



Thr Crazy BYW design by Feet You Wear. It’s a rare pair that gives you both, as most fashion-first sneakers usually sacrifice comfort for style.

In addition to the tribute on the name (BYW is Boost Your Wear), the design of the traditional whole Boost is divided into three  blocks, namely the inside of the forefoot, the remaining area of the forefoot, and the heel part. In addition to bringing a good felt on he foot , also the boost enhances the flexibility and the fast of the start-up. Together with the elastic characteristics of Boost’s own materials, the three advantages bring unprecedented excellence reaction performance on the court

Lockdown :

Crazy BYW upper is composed of fabric, mesh and suede. The texture is very soft and fits on both feet. However, the design of the shoes lace  is a little strange. the shoes lace hole just 4  one and the lace like a string, even the laces are fastened ,but  the feet are still not locked securely.



Supporting :


The ankle part is designed to be easy to take on and take off, and the design  is extended to the heel, which like take on the low typer shoes without any supporting and wrapping.


Then the upper made of fabric, mesh and suede ,all of these material  has bee not  provide  supporting .In addition, there is no filling design of the shoe. As long as the feet are slightly pulled, the feeling of the foot sliding strongly.



Then the heel part just  only  the mesh and the suede, without the TPU the protection of ankle  is even worse than the low-sleeve basketball shoes.



Weight :

The single shoes’ weighs 375 grams,  it is lightweight, thanks to the unloaded midsole design of the “uncaged”. also the upper of the mesh is also a big reason. so the shoes is lightweight, it is great.



Overall:Crazy BYW are built with a minimalist aesthetic from mesh, knit and suede, actually the material of shoes is most softer and comfortable ,  the Boost responsive cushioning provides continuous comfort.But the supporting  is not enough ,and the protection of shoes is not good . I still strongly recommend that shoe lovers regard these shoes as “casual shoes” and do not wear them as “basketball shoes”.




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Mitchell, Rookie?The First Signature by adidas Is It Coming ?



As  one of the most eye-catching superstar of the 2017-2018 season, Donovan Mitchell has won a high popularity with his strong performance in his rookie season,the dazzling record already attract everyone’s eyes, the brand adidas began to pay attention to the commercial potential of Mitchell.

After being selected at No. 13 overall in the 2017 NBA Draft, the guard was one of the most exciting young players in the league last season. He led Utah to the second round of the Western Conference postseason and won the Slam Dunk Contest during the All-Star break as well.

Especially due to his high-flying athleticism, he certainly fits the profile of a player who could eventually get a signature sneaker.


Recently, Mitchell himself show  that adidas will create the first generation of signature boots for himself and he is excitement.


As a rookie, but the Mitchell cooperate with adidas seems to be very harmonious, a  “Not a Rookie” T-shirt  just attract more attention, maybe that is planning of the official adidas.



During his recent podcast appearance with Alex Kennedy, sneaker industry expertNick DePaula said that Adidas feels “comfortable” with where they are with regard to the young players who have signed endorsements with the brand. DePaula specifically mentioned both Mitchell and New York Knicks star Kristaps Poprzingis.

Last offseason, Mitchell was the only rookie selected in the lottery who signed an endorsement deal with the three stripes. He went to Louisville, which is an Adidas-affiliated basketball program.


In the last season, the  adidas Dame 4 of  the Mitchell played ,  seems the Dame 4 have been more popular  after that ,  we are expecting the first  signature boots of Mitchell.


Salt Lake City, UT, USA; A detail view of the shoes of Utah Jazz guard Donovan Mitchell (45) during the game against the Portland Trail Blazers at Vivint Smart Home Arena