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adidas Crazy Explosive 2017 Performance Review


When we look back the 2016-17 season, the Andrew Wiggins  play “it” as the guest of the Grizzlies’ FedEx Forum and scored a game-high 25 points, adidas Crazy Explosive has been popular in that time till now .


adidas released Crazy Explosive in 2016,  and Andrew Wiggins, as the spokesperson for the shoes. This series is more innovative than the other models in terms of design and technology.



adidas Crazy Explosive 2017 Primeknit features a one-piece bootie upper with  the newly forged Primeknit that uses a raised wave we know , the  Primeknit woven structure is breathable and lightweight, but the stability is not enough, but the  Crazy Explosive 2017 improved  a little  for the material ,it will be better.


Now the adidas Crazy Explosive 2017  still used the Primeknit again ,but it  features a one-piece bootie upper with  the newly forged Primeknit. That is help a lot for the stability .

It not only enhances the three-dimensional support between the braided wires, but also allows the upper to have more space to withstand the compression. When the force is applied, the upper can maintain its original shape without distortion.adidas removed the GeoFit inner sleeve on the adidas Crazy Explosive 2017 Primeknit in favor of a sock-like ankle collar with soft inserts at the tongue and around the ankles for comfort. that is can help a lot for the lockdown.



Responsive :


TPU material plays a key role in the Crazy Explosive series of shoes. In addition to the whole full length Boost is covered with TPU, from the coral-like  through to the side of  sole . And using TPU material, which more  maintain their fine traditions, but after the actual measurement, we will felt great .


Cushioning :

The adidas Crazy Explosive 2017 Primeknit retains the same setup as last year’s Crazy Explosive which  full-length Boost with a soft TPU cage on the lateral side of the shoe while the medial side exposes the Boost. I  like this  kind of cushioning very much. Like the  last model,  the cushioning did a great job , we can felt a great soft and comfortable for the midsole part. But for some one ,maybe they dont like it too much , because of it will be softer .


Supporting :

The shoes use the sock-style design. The most importantly is that  different from last mode , this  version has subtly added a pair of laces in the middle section to make the density between the lace groups. that is help the entire ankle front which wrapped  well when you moved fast . The sock design  also  improved the lockdown the feet .Moreover, your foot sits inside of the TPU roll cage to offer the lateral support we loved so much in the Crazy Explosive last year.



Traction :

The s hoes  used the TPU  rubber traction  with the translucent  traction .With TPU material rubber soles and multi-directional pattern.At firstly , I  tested in the outside court  and found that the traction pattern is not great  when making emergency stop and side shift under the dusty field.  The  traction  will be slightly sliding and the most  important is the  pattern  had worn out. However, when it comes to indoor wooden flooring, the rubber  performance well . The grip is nice .


If you use it in the right place, such as a clean, well-maintained indoor , or a variety of wooden floors, I believe you will feel its strong stability and grip. then the translucent  pattern , s we know , it is not easy to keep .

Overall , the adidas Crazy Explosive 2017 Primeknit is a great shoe! I love this thing like crazy and it is by far my favorite hoop shoe of 2017 so far. The cushioning is nice and the supporting  just ok . if you like the strong  supporting ,maybe the Jordans will be best for you .



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adidas Crazy Explosive 2017 PK “CNY” Performance Review

The major sports brands are paying more and more attention to the Chinese market, they have been released more and newest products to attract ,especially for the CNY (CHINA NEW YEAR) theme series from the Adidas in 2018 Year of the Dog.


In 2018, adidas changed  the bright red elements of the colorway. but released  four dark black  with theme of the spiritual elements  – “loyalty, righteousness, believe  and courage”. At this point, we have to mention the designer Ren Zhe of the Adidas CNY series.


Ren Zhe, a sculptor, was born in Beijing in 1983. He graduated from the Tsinghua University in 2005. He the first Chinese artist designer of adidas.

The results of this process were a new iridescent Harden Vol. 1, a pink-tinged Dame 4 with a wild multi-color outsole, and a sleek black D Rose 8 with shiny detailing. While no official release date has been set for these colorways, you can expect to see them sometime around Chinese New Year in February of 2018.

adidas Harden Vol. 1 “CNY”

adidas D Rose 8 “CNY”

adidas Dame 4 “CNY”

adidas Crazy Explosive 2017 PK “CNY”

But we will talk about it today – Adidas Crazy Explosive 2017 PK “CNY”.

For the box ,it is normal with adidas.

Now adidas took even a step further by introducing the new Primeknit upper with a sock like collar & slicker, more aggressive shiluatte since 2016 version.


Because of the lightweight material , so the shoes just only the 436g for the size US 10.



For the material:Primeknit is back again but it isn’t as soft and flexible like 2017 version. If you liked the softness of 2016 version , you can buy the 2017 version again.Forged Primeknit is what Adidas calls it and it’s basically Primeknit with “forged yarn” plus some light glue on 95% of the upper.  So this kind of material allow the foot to more naturally.

For the lace system , it is nice to adjust by yourself.

By keeping it elastic, it keeps the tongue from bunching up and allows it to actually fit like a sock. I feel the combination of flexibility around the ankle with a very stable base is the best of both worlds

The whole  BOOST cushion as usually , the soft foot feedback and responsive are amazing .  While the full-length Boost with a soft TPU cage on the lateral side of the shoe while the medial side exposes the Boost.Then the inner side of the BOOST midsole is completely open to receive that full potential of the BOOST power.


For the traction : it is used the same traction  as the last model , so if you played in the clean courts, dirty courts, those 24 hour courts, it doesn’t matter. They will bite the hardwood any day of the week. Wiping?yes ,it will be a little wear and tear if playing out court long time.

We can see the details from the insole,the insole has the spirit of “勇”, but the pattern is different from for left and right.

Then we can see the collar design of hell part.i felt great.

Here there are more pictures as below :


For the supporting,some part of supporting from the perimeknit upper which gets solid improvement. Of course, you’re giving away some softness & stretchiness.

Overall, the adidas Crazy Explosive 2017 was amazing, as a fans . I have to say it is worth the price .Super responsive BOOST cushion, good traction, solid foot containment will let you to do anything on court with confidence & efficiency.